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Gold and silver became very expensive in last one week, know how much prices


Gold and silver became very expensive in last one week, know how much prices 1

new Delhi. The equity market saw a spurt in the past week due to the presidential election in the US and its likely parina. On the other hand, preparations for Deepawali have started in India. In this way, another Lagar Corona Vasace has come to Europe. Because of which countries like France, Britain, Germany, Austria have imposed lockdown. Due to all these reasons, gold and silver have become expensive in the Indian market along with the international market in the past week. This kind of weekly boom has been seen after several weeks. Let us also tell you how expensive gold and silver have become in the last one week.

Gold and silver in the international market
Last week, both gold and silver were seen in the international market. Firstly, if you talk about gold, then you have seen more than 50 dollars per hour in a week. On October 30, gold was below $ 1900, which has increased to $ 1952 an ons. On the other hand, the price of silver has also seen an increase of 3 to 4 dollars per ons on Comex. A week ago, silver was trading at $ 22 an ons, which has increased to close to $ 26 an ons.

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Gold and silver in Indian futures market
On the other hand, when we talk about the Indian market, gold and silver have seen a very good boom. On October 30, the gold closing price was at Rs 50,699 per ten grams. However, gold reached Rs 52,167 per ten grams in the week ending 6 November. During this time, the price of gold has become expensive by Rs 1468 per gram. On the other hand, on October 30, silver was at Rs 60,865 per kg. On November 6, silver reached Rs 63,335 per kg. Silver has become costlier by Rs 2,470 per kilogram due to jiski.

Reason for increase in gold
According to Kedia Advisory Director Ajay Kedia, there has been a lockdown in European countries. Something is going to happen. On the other hand, cases of the virus have also increased in America. At the same time, there is no possibility of vaccine even far away. According to experts, in the coming days, due to the corona virus, the price of gold may increase further.

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