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Gold and silver become thousands of rupees cheaper in one stroke, know how much price


Gold and silver become thousands of rupees cheaper in one stroke, know how much price 1

new Delhi. Gold and silver prices were seen due to increasing cases of corona virus from USA to India. There was also a concern in India that the country’s biggest festival is on the head and that the prices of gold were not being named, but after the statement of Pfizer, the American company working on the Corona vaccine, gold and silver have fallen completely. . Silver has a lower circuit. Where gold has fallen by more than 1300 rupees, it has come in the range of 52 thousand to 50 thousand. On the other hand, the price of silver has broken more than Rs 2200. On the other hand, the price of US gold is falling by more than $ 40 an ons.

Gold and silver prices fall in foreign markets
First of all, in the overseas market, gold is trading at $ 1906 an ons on the US market COMEX at 6.45 pm as per Indian time. While this morning its price reached the level of 1960 dollars. While talking about silver, it is trading at $ 24.75 an ons, down by about a dollar or say 4 per cent. While silver was trading at around $ 26 an ons this morning.

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Gold up to 2000 rupees cheaper in Indian market
At the same time, if we talk about the Indian market, there has been a big fall in the price of gold and silver. Gold has lost more than 2000 rupees from the day’s high. According to the futures market data, gold is trading at Rs. 50440 per ten grams, falling by Rs. 1727 per ten grams at 6.50 pm. Whereas gold had reached Rs 52520 per ten gram today. While 50301 has also gone to the minimum level of Rs.

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Lower Circuit in Silver Price
On the other hand, the lower circuit has started in the price of silver. Silver has lost nearly Rs 3000 in the futures market. If presently, at 6.50 pm, silver is trading down by Rs 2884 per kg and is trading at Rs 62451 per kg. While the previous day low had reached Rs 62260 per kg. Whereas today silver touched an all-time high of Rs 66478.

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What do you know
According to Anuj Gupta, deputy vice president (commodity and research), Angel Broking, Pfizer, the American company that produces the corona virus, said its vaccine is 90 percent effective in curing the corona vaccine. It is expected to enter the market soon. As a result, the economy was boosted and the US equity markets turned bullish. Gold and silver became cheaper as investors turned to the stock market.


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