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Gold and Silver price drop drastically, know that it has become cheaper


Gold and Silver price drop drastically, know that it has become cheaper 1

new Delhi. Last week, where gold and silver price was seen to be very strong. At the same time, there is a big decline in gold and silver price slips in this week. According to the futures market data, gold (Gold Price Today) is seen trading at a level of 54 thousand rupees, falling by more than 700 rupees. On the other hand, the price of silver (Silver Price Down) is falling by about Rs 1700, due to which the price has come down to Rs 73 thousand per kg. According to experts, there is profit-booking in the price of gold and silver.

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Gold prices fall by Rs 700
Today the price of gold is falling. In the futures market, the October contract Subi is trading at Rs 54,240 per ten grams, falling by Rs 706 at 11.40 am. Whereas gold was down by about Rs 200 to open at Rs 54750 per ten grams and also went to the lowest level of Rs 54,175 per ten grams. Let us tell you that last week gold had reached an all-time high of Rs 56191. That is, during this time, the price of gold has seen a fall of 2000 rupees.

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Silver prices also fall by around Rs 1700
On the other hand, when we talk about the price of silver in the futures market, it is getting cheaper than gold. At 11:40 am, the price of silver was falling by Rs 1705. At that time, the price of silver was seen at 73689. While today silver was down by about Rs 400 to open at Rs 75000 per kg. While in the trading session today, the price of silver fell to Rs 73601 per kg. Silver reached Rs 77949 per kg last week. Since then, silver has become cheaper by about Rs 4400 per kg.


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