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Gold Hallmarking : Recognize these 4 things in hallmarking for the purity of gold jewelry, avoid fraud

Gold Hallmarking : Recognize these 4 things in hallmarking for the purity of gold jewelry, avoid fraud

Gold Hallmarking is becoming mandatory across the country from 16 June

New Delhi:

Gold Hallmarking Rules 2021: hallmarking on gold jewelery (Gold Hallmark) is becoming mandatory across the country from June 16. In such a situation, there is a concern in the minds of customers whether gold will be expensive or cheaper. Traders say that this can make gold jewelery marginally expensive. But they can be easily bought and hallmarking There is a standard of Hallmarking Purity Of Gold. If you go to the shop to buy jewelry on or after June 16, then definitely see the hallmark on the jewelry. If hallmarking is not there, ask the shopkeeper. But do not buy jewelery without hallmarking. Even if you offer to buy jewelery without hallmark even with a discount, do not.

Gold hallmarking mandatory from June 16, know whether jewelry will become expensive, 10 important things …

Under the gold hallmark, it will be written how many carats it is. With this, it will be easy for the customers to easily buy or sell gold jewelery anywhere at good prices. On the other hand, the accused will be easily caught by selling or buying stolen jewellery.

Gold will be in three carats…

From June 16, 2021, gold jewelery will be sold in purity of 14, 18 and 22 carats. A lab licensed from the Bureau of Indian Standards will give this certificate of purity.

According to the rules of hallmarking, gold jewelery will have four identities. 1. BIS Mark, 2. Carat & Fineness 3. Hallmarking Center Number and 4. Jewelers Identification Number

1. View BIS Mark

The BIS mark or logo (BIS Lab) will tell you whether a lab licensed from the Bureau of Indian Standards has certified the purity of the jewelry. Also, from which lab this certification has been done, it will also be known.

2. Also Check the Purity of Gold

Purity is measured in terms of carat and fineness. Finesse will be written on the jewelry in the ratio of 14, 18 and 22 carats per thousand. That is, 22K for 22 carat jewelry and 916 for fineness. That is, 91.6 percent gold and other metals will be in such jewelry. Gold of 14 carat will contain 58.5 percent gold and other metals. Gold jewelery of 18 carat will contain 75 percent gold.

Look for these marks in the hallmark…

22K916 for 22karat
18K750 for 18 Karat
14K585 for 14Karat

3. Lab number will also be there

The gold jewelery will now also have the Hallmarking Lab Identification Number (HLA) of the hallmarking center that tests the purity of the gold. From the portal of BIS, you can find out whether it is a BIS recognized lab or not.

4. Jewelers will also be identified

Jewelers ie from where you have bought gold, it will be identified by the Jeweler Identification Number marked on the jewellery. This will tell whether it is a certified jeweler or a manufacturer.

Confused gold trader

Yogesh Singhal, head of Bullion and Jewelers Association, says that we have not been able to open even shops during the Corona period. In such a situation, if the old stock is not exhausted, then it will be a hassle to start hallmarking. It will be difficult to find jewelery that is already hallmarked. Everyday employees will have to run BIS lab for hallmarking. How much the customers will be ready to take the jewelery again after 1-2 days for hallmarking, it will be a matter to be seen.

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