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Gold Price Today: Gold shines, silver is cheap; 10 gm gold price running around Rs 48,000

Gold Price Today: Gold shines, silver is cheap; 10 gm gold price running around Rs 48,000

Gold Price Today : Gold in green mark, fall in Silver. (symbolic picture)

New Delhi:

Gold-Silver Price Updates : A slightly mixed trend is seen in the bullion market on Thursday. Gold flat was seen in the international market today. However, when gold registered a rise in the domestic market, silver remained weak. Gold managed to reach above Rs 48,000 today. On Wednesday, its closing was done at Rs 47,922 per 10 grams. This morning it registered an increase of 0.37% in early trade. Gold was up by Rs 177 at the level of Rs 48,099 per 10 grams around 10.35. Its average price was also recorded the same. However, after this there was a slight fall in gold and it again came down to 47,900, but the yellow metal was in the green mark.

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If we talk about silver, then silver metal was on the decline today. In the first hour, it recorded a fall of up to Rs 278 and the metal was at the level of Rs 61,225 per kg. Its previous closing was at the level of 61,503.

If you look at GoldPrice.org, then at 10.46 am Indian time in the international market, gold was falling 0.05 percent on MCX and the metal was trading at Rs 4,346.95 per gram level. At the same time, silver was down 0.31 per cent at Rs 54,373.69 per kg.

IBJA rates

If you look at the rate of India Bullion and Jewelers Association Limited ie IBJA, then with the last update, the price of gold and silver today is like this- (These prices are given per gram without GST charge)

999 (purity) – 48,085
995- 47,892
916- 44,046
750- 36,064
585- 28130
Silver 999- 61,430

Let us inform that on Wednesday, there was a fall in the prices of gold and silver in the bullion market of Delhi. Here, gold had closed down by Rs 125 at Rs 47,837 per 10 grams. At the same time, the price of silver also fell by Rs 339 to close at Rs 61,477 per kg. The futures market also registered a fall. Gold prices on Wednesday fell by Rs 273 to Rs 47,692 per 10 grams in the local futures market as speculators reduced their positions amid weak spot demand.

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