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Gold Rate Today: Gold and silver became cheaper in India by dollar, know today’s price


Gold Rate Today: Gold and silver became cheaper in India by dollar, know today's price 1

new Delhi. For the past few days, there has been a continuous cut in the Gold and Silver Price. From the foreign markets to the domestic futures markets, there is pressure on gold and silver price today. According to experts, due to the strengthening in the US Dollar Index, there is pressure on the gold and silver price down. Talking about the domestic futures market, the price of gold (Gold Rate Today) is falling by 830 rupees. Whereas the silver price has fallen by more than 1400 rupees. On the other hand, gold is falling by up to $ 33 in New York’s Comex market. According to experts, the price of gold may fall in the coming days.

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Gold becomes cheaper in futures markets
There is a decline in the price of gold in domestic futures markets. The October contract price of gold was trading at Rs 51,790 per ten grams, falling by Rs 832 per ten grams at 3.15 pm. While at the trading level it had reached the level of Rs 51,721 per ten grams. Today, gold was down around Rs 120 to open at Rs 52,550 per ten grams. On Wednesday night, gold had closed at Rs 52,622 per ten grams.

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Big fall in silver prices
On the other hand, there is a big fall in the price of silver. Silver was trading at Rs 66,550 per kg, falling by Rs 1413 per kg at 3.15 pm. Whereas during the trading session, it reached the level of Rs 66,401 per kg. While today the price of silver opened at Rs 67,570 per kg. While on Wednesday, silver had closed at Rs 67,983 per kg.

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Gold and silver became cheaper in foreign markets
If there is talk of foreign markets, there is a decline in the price of gold and silver. In the Comex market, gold is trading at $ 1937 an ons, with a decline of around $ 33 an ons. While the price of silver on Comex is down by 1.57 percent and is trading at $ 27 an ons. According to experts, a further decline in both gold and silver can be seen.


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