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Good news for home buyers! These offers are available at a cheap rate with Home Loan


Good news for home buyers! These offers are available at a cheap rate with Home Loan 1

new Delhi. If you are planning to buy a house, shop or any other property, then this time is best for you. Because of Festive Season Offers where many big banks are providing loans at cheap rates. So there are attractive offers to woo customers. Not only this, due to the Corona period, property rates have also come down these days. In such a situation, you can bargain the benefits cheaply. So we will tell you what are the benefits of investing in property at this time.

Getting a loan at a cheap rate
Economic growth has reduced due to Coronavirus Pandemic. Due to reduced credit growth of banks, they are offering attractive offers to customers. Home loan interest rates are below 7 percent. In such a situation, you can get a home loan at a cheaper rate. Apart from this, many banks are offering different offers due to festive season. Most banks are proceeding with the loan process without processing fees. Therefore, you can get an advantage by purchasing a property at this time.

Developers are offering discounts
Property prices have declined since the epidemic. In such a situation, to sell the property, housing developers are giving various discounts, so that the customers show interest in buying a house or shop. Many big real estate companies are offering 10 to 15 percent discount. Therefore, investing in property at this time will reduce the burden on your pocket. According to a report, property purchases in the top seven cities of India declined by 46% during the July-September quarter.

Registration waiver
Real estate is suffering a lot due to the fall in property buying and selling. In such a situation, the government has also come forward to improve the situation. In other states including Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka, the government has announced exemption of two to three percent in the registration fee. By which people buy property.


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