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Good News: Now book train tickets cheaply, Indian Railways is giving so much discount


Good News: Now book train tickets cheaply, Indian Railways is giving so much discount 1

New Delhi. Now there is good news for railway passengers. Now train passengers are getting a chance to buy cheap tickets. A discount of 5 percent is being given to passengers who book train tickets from Indian Railways railway counters.

The special thing is that this exemption has been given by the Railways till 12 June 2022. That is, till this day, passengers who have booked their tickets from the railway counter are being given a discount of five percent or up to Rs 50 in the price of the ticket.

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Only these passengers will get the benefit
According to the railways, this benefit will be available only to those railway passengers who will pay for train tickets through Unified Payments Interface (UPI) / BHIM at railway counters.

In fact, Indian Railways has extended the discount scheme till next year on payment of train tickets through UPI / BHIM at PRS (Passenger Reservation System) reserved counters present at railway stations.

5% discount is available on tickets paid through UPI/BHIM at railway counters. This discount scheme will now be applicable till June 12, 2022 next year.

Let us tell you that the railways started payment through UPI for buying train tickets on 1 December 2017. If you want to take advantage of this offer, then it has to be kept in mind that you will get this benefit only by booking tickets from the counter.

Maximum discount of 50 rupees, this condition is also necessary
The railways is giving a discount of 5 percent on the total value of the basic fare for those taking tickets over the counter and paying through UPI and BHIM. However, this discount is up to a maximum of Rs 50. Not only this, there is another condition with this that the price of the ticket should be more than Rs 100, then only you will be able to join the exemption.

No discount on these tickets
Some tickets have not been kept in the purview of the exemption given by the Railways. These include unreserved single journey tickets, season tickets, reserved tickets booked through online mode i.e. e-tickets will not be discounted.
Not only this, the discount from the railway side is valid only at the reservation counter until the first reservation chart is prepared.

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Follow these easy steps
– Go to the PRS counter of the railway station
Fill the details of the journey in the form and give it to the clerk
– Railway employee will inform the amount to be paid
– Select the mode of UPI/BHIM as passenger payment option
After this, the passenger should pay through any BHIM UPI app
– Payment message will come on the respective mobile of the passenger
– The payment message has to be confirmed, after which the fare amount will be debited from the account linked to UPI
After the payment is done, the person sitting at the PRS counter will print the ticket and the passenger will get the ticket.

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