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Government of Africa Welcomes Cryptocurrencies



– The digital payment platform, Sesacash announced its partnership with CryptoLocally on April 14th.

– Sesacash plans to make cryptocurrency adoption mainstream in Africa.

– Sesacash aims to resolve all the challenges surrounding Africa’s financial sector.

– The government of Ghana also has welcomed the idea of adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Sesacash, the multi-currency mobile wallet serving the continent of Africa has announced its partnership with peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform CryptoLocally.The partnership mainly aims to resolve the challenges and problems faced in Africa’s financial sector.

Blaise Bayuo, the CEO and co-founder of Sesacash said, “Cryptocurrencies offer a cheaper and faster medium to make cross-border payments into Africa and within Africa. We expect more Africans to join the global economy and earn crypto income.”

Sesacash plans to make the cryptocurrency adoption mainstream but the only hindrance in achieving this is the people’s hesitance to switch to digital assets. Bayuo has further said, “This will reduce the complexities involved in crypto transactions using exchanges and wallets that involve private keys. Users can spend and pay for goods and services directly from their crypto debit card.” Bayuo further informed that he would be creating awareness among the people as the second step and says, “We are engaging with microfinance companies about adopting crypto lending business models. Also, we have engaged with agritech startups regarding how cryptocurrencies can expand access to capital for the farmers in their countries.”

The government of Ghana has announced its plans to launch a national digital currency along with the other African governments. While most of the governments are still thinking about cryptocurrencies, the Ghana government has welcomed cryptocurrencies. Bayuo has said, “With the changing regulatory environment, we expect to see greater acceptance of cryptocurrencies.”  Sesacash sees a bright future for the African country in terms of cryptocurrencies.

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