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Government released 3100 crores from PM Cares, but did not tell how much donation received


The government on Wednesday released Rs 3,100 crore from the PM Cares Fund to intensify the fight against the Kovid-19 epidemic. After this government initiative, Anupam Kher, the husband of famous actor and BJP MP Kiran Kher, targeted those who questioned the PM Cares Fund. He tweeted, “A loud slap on the faces of all those unhappy souls who were seeing a conspiracy even in this fund.” Now the echo of this slap will be heard by everyone. Will definitely hear.

However, Anupam Kher forgot that how much donations have been made to the PM Cares Fund so far, questions are being raised. While the government has informed to release 3100 crore rupees out of this. The government has still not told how much donations have come to this fund so far.

The PM Cares Trust was formed on 27 March 2020. The Prime Minister is its ex-officio President. The Defense Minister, Home Minister and Finance Minister are its ex-officio members. It is also worth mentioning here that the Prime Minister can appoint three eminent persons from the respective fields to the Board of Trustees of the PM Cares Fund. However, it is also not known that he has not nominated anyone to these posts.

Not only this, the Congress and other opposition parties are constantly raising questions about the PM Cares Fund. Congress has also demanded its audit. The Supreme Court was also challenged over the formation of the PM Cares Fund. However, the Supreme Court dismissed the petition challenging the constitutional validity of the formation of PM Cares Fund to deal with epidemics like Kovid-19.

The government had informed on Wednesday that Rs 3100 crore has been released from the PM Cares fund. Of this, Rs 2,000 crore will be spent on buying ventilators, while Rs 1,000 crore will be spent on providing relief to migrant laborers. 100 crore rupees will be spent on preparing the coronavirus vaccine.


According to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), 50,000 ventilators made in India will be purchased from this fund. To provide relief to the migrant laborers, States and Union Territories will be given Rs 1,000 crore. This amount will be sent to the District Collectors / Corporation Commissioners of the states.

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