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Guddu Rangeela: Not as colorful as expected


Guddu Rangeela, a much awaited movie, unfortunately, might end up leaving disappointed souls. It is described to be unremarkable and seems to have made serious issues seem not that important as they are meant to be.
The beginning of the movie reveals a common Bollywood concept of having two compassionate men who rob evil people and serve the needy. The intention of bringing out the issue of honor killings has been more or less covered up by the stunts and adventures of the two men. The concept would have come out better if only the scenes were organized better. Guddu, (played by Amit Sadh) and Rangeela (Arshad Warsi) are supposed to be conmen who are very much into making money in any possible way in order to fulfill their task of bribing a police officer for some task of theirs. They finally end up kidnapping a rich man’s daughter hoping to get the required money and later on to release her with no other intention.

Baby (Played by Aditi Rao Hydari), the kidnapped girl is indeed not that innocent and the plot of kidnap also seems to be round about. Billoo, a character that arises from nowhere in the middle, is the village strongman who stands against a Haryana Quasi-judicial system. After a lot of beating around the bush, the duo also realizes that they have a personal issue with Billoo. The loss of crucial details in the movie makes its plot pretty sketchy. The dialogues, especially those of the girl, are projected in such a way that they seem totally fake.

Ronit Roy brought in as a supporter of Billoo, shows no new facets of his acting ability probably because of the common villain role that he gets to play in most movies. The remaining characters do not seem to be that prominent. The climax of the movie gives obvious hints to most of the viewers and especially to those who would have managed to follow it since the beginning.
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