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Hallmarking mandatory on gold from June 1, know what will become expensive jewelery, 10 important things …


1. What is the meaning of Hallmark….

Hallmarking is the measure of purity of gold. After June 1, it must be written on the jewelry that how much carat is it. This will make it easier for customers to buy and sell gold jewelery anywhere. It will not be easy to sell and buy stolen jewelry.

2. Gold of which carat ….

From 1 June 2021, gold jewelery, idols etc. will be sold in 14, 18 and 22 carats only. However, jewelers demand that 20 carat jewelery should also be allowed. Labs licensed by the Bureau of Indian Standards will give these certificates of correctness.

3. Fraud from customers will stop….

By this, customers will not be cheated by selling cheap or low quality gold jewelery customer. By guaranteeing the purity of gold, the sale of jewelery will also increase and the credibility of jewelers will be strengthened.

4. These 4 identities will be on jewelry —-

The jewelery will have 1. BIS mark, 2. Carat and finance 3. Hallmarking center number and 4. Jewelers identification number.

A. BIS Mark

The BIS mark or logo (BIS Lab) will state that a lab licensed by the Bureau of Indian Standards has certified the purity of the jewelry.

B. Gold purity carat and fineness

Gold purity is judged by both carat and gold fineness. Finances with 14, 18 and 22 carats will be written on jewelery in the ratio of per thousand. Like 22K for 22 carats and 916 for finance.
22K916 for 22karat
18K750 for 18 Karat
14K585 for 14Karat

C. Mark or number of hallmarking center

The Hallmarking Center will also have an identification number (Hallmarking Lab Identification Number) to test the purity of gold on the jewelery. You will be able to find out from the BIS website whether it is a recognized lab or not.

D. Identification of Jewelers

The jeweler identification number on the jeweler inscribed on the jewelery will know whether it is a certified jeweler or manufacturer.

5. How much will it cost

There is a 35 rupees (tax extra) for jewelery or gold items for Hallmark (Gold Hallmark Charge), but for the purity of more jewelery there will be a minimum of 200 rupees and tax. This will not increase the price of gold (Hallmark Gold RateToday) much.

6. How much time will it take

It can take 6-8 hours to assess the gold Purity Karat or Hallmark in a BIS Lab. In such a situation, if you make a jewel by giving a design, then delivery may not be available on the same day.

7. How much pure gold

The purest gold is of 24 carat, but due to the flexibility of such pure gold, jewelry cannot be made, so silver or zinc wagira is added to it.

8. Discount on these gold goods

There will be no hallmarking on gold bars and coins. Hallmarking Certificate (BIS Certification) will not be necessary even for jewelery below 2 grams.

9.Registration could not be done …

The number of jewelers in the country is between 3.5 to 4 lakhs, but only 8-9 per cent of the total jewelers have been registered (Jewelers Hallmark Registration) so far.

10. Registration has to be done …

Businessmen will have to pay Hallmark Registration Fees according to the turnover. This fee is increased from 7500 to 80 thousand rupees depending on the turnover.

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