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Himanshi Khurana shares heartbreaking poetry, has Asim Riaz had a breakup?


Himanshi Khurana and Asim Riaz were in the news for Bigg Boss 13. Both of them were well liked by the audience. In the show, both of them also showed their love to each other. Even after coming out of Bigg Boss, the two have worked together in many songs. But in the meantime, some posts of Himanshi are going viral on social media, so that it is being speculated that the breakup of Himanshi and Asim has happened.

Actually, Himanshi has previously shared a video of his song whose lyrics are ‘I Will Never Love Again.’ After this Himanshi has written poems – ‘I am silent but not weak’. ‘We knew it would break, but the promise was beautiful.’

After this Himanshi wrote on the Instagram story, ‘Everyone has changed, he also has his right.’ Further, he wrote in the story, ‘All give knowledge, support you.’

Let us know that a few days ago, fans of Asim Riaz trolled Himanshi Khurana. They do not want another music video of Asim and Himanshi to come out.

A user trolling Himanshi wrote that I know that many fans of Asim have been angry since the announcement. But let me tell you that this is Aasimanshi’s last project. Himanshi writes on who is giving you fake news. I and Asim will do more good projects together. We are getting work together.

At the same time, a user called Himanshi Khurana a flop aunt and said that up to 10 million followers on social media are not alone.

Let us tell you that Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana are in discussion about their lovestory and breakup. On social media, the day comes, the two are separated. But Asim Riaz always shares the post with the fans and clarifies that nothing like this has happened. During Bigg Boss, fans call him as Asimanshi on social media. The duo’s pair is also a hit.

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