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Hina Khan was trolled for supporting Riya Chakraborty, then the actress stopped speaking


In the Sushant Singh Rajput case, the CBI has registered an FIR against 6 people, including Riya Chakraborty. Riya is being questioned by CBI. Since the FIR was registered on Riya, a lot of negative comments are being made about the actress on social media. In the meantime, Hina Khan had spoken on the media trial against Riya. He had said that he did not reach the conclusion before the investigation.

After this statement of Hina, she is being trolled to which the actress has responded to the trollers. Hina tweeted, ‘What I said was the whole thing, you all can read in this article. Just by reading a few lines you cannot tell what I have said. I know what I am saying and always keep my point because I believe in the law. I cannot judge anyone without judgment. ‘

What did heena say

Hina had said, “Let the CBI investigate this case and people do not investigate themselves and come to conclusions.” You can ruin Riya’s career by making such allegations. He may not be able to face anyone further.

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Fan said to avoid commenting on this matter

A fan wrote to Hina, we know your intentions very well. But still you should avoid commenting in this matter. You don’t care about trolls, but your fans feel bad when people target you.

On this comment of the fan, Hina replied, ‘I always stand with the truth and want my fans to also support the truth with me. If we are together then we do not have to bother with these trollers.

Talking about Hina’s professional life, she is seen in Naagin 5 these days. The show is being well-liked by Producer Ekta Kapoor. Fans are also very happy with Hina’s entry in the show.

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