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How Hanuman took Sri Ram and Laxman with him on his shoulder, Sunil Lahiri told


Sunil Lahiri, who played Laxman in the Ramayana, is very active on social media these days. He keeps sharing some fun stories with fans during the shooting of Ramayana. Now Sunil told about the scene in which Hanuman ji takes Shriram and Laxman on his shoulder.

Sunil told that the scene was shot with the help of blue curtains, blue tables and a ramp. Sunil said, when Hanuman ji takes Ram and Laxman on his shoulder, it was very tricky and technical to shoot that scene. We needed special effects for that. At that time, the means for special effects was just chroma. For chroma, 2 stools of blue color were applied and then covered them with blue color cloth. The background was also turned blue.

Sunil said, ‘Hanuman ji had the hands on which we had to climb. Designed for him like a ramp. When we were climbing the ramp, it seemed as if we were going to climb above Hanumanji’s hand. Hanuman ji also had a bracelet and according to the scene we had to cross it and he was looking much bigger than us. So we had to imagine all this and walk. ‘

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Sunil further said, when both of us are sitting on Hanuman ji’s shoulder, we could not understand what was happening and what to do next. We were doing what Ramanand Sagar Sahib was telling us. He used to say that if we looked at Hanuman ji, we would look at him. But when I saw the result, it felt very good.

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