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How much does Shahnaz Gill charge for a post on Instagram? Knowing this, your senses will fly away


Bigg Boss 13 fame Shehnaz Gill is in the news due to social media posts. She keeps sharing something for her fans. She has created a strong fan following on Instagram and TickTalk. He has 49 million followers on Instagram. But do you know how much Shahnaz Gill charges for posting a post on Instagram? Knowing this will blow your senses.

According to a Spotboy report, Shahnaz charges Rs 5 lakh for a post, but these days the fee for one of her posts is Rs 8 lakh. At the same time, fees of up to 10 lakhs are charged for a post of big brands. In such a situation, it is believed that their fees are much higher than other TV actors. Shahnaz is also far ahead of Asim Riaz, who was the runner up of Bigg Boss 13 in terms of earning through Instagram.

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Apart from this, Shahnaz is in discussions with Bigg Boss 13 ex-contestant Siddharth Shukla. However, Siddharth has always described Shehnaz as his best friend. Recently, recently Siddharth shared his photo on which Shahnaz could not stop commenting himself. Siddharth has shared his hair in the photo he has shared.

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Commenting on this photo, Shahnaz wrote, “Today I am not able to stop myself from commenting. How can someone look so cute? I used to praise me in Bigg Boss, today I speak killer eyes, scattered hair and your pink lips what is rough look dude. Very hot. ”

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