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How to get Ration Card and which documents will be required, know the complete details


How to get Ration Card and which documents will be required, know the complete details 1

new Delhi. It is very important to have a ration card to take food grains at affordable rates, including taking advantage of government schemes. Under the government’s new policy, One Nation One Ration Card, you can take food grains from any part of the country with a single ration card. But due to the lack of ration cards of many people, they are unable to take advantage of these facilities. If you are also one of these, then you can apply for it by following some simple procedures.

Documents required for ration card
In order to apply for a ration card, the applicant must have a proof of identity. For this, you can put a photocopy of any one of the Aadhaar card, bank passbook, voter card, passport, any other ID issued by the government, health card, driving license etc. Also, documents like PAN card copy, passport size photo, income certificate, rental agreement etc. will be required.

You can apply in two ways
Applications for ration cards can be made both online and offline. If you apply on digital platform then you have to visit Here you will find the application form. If you want to apply offline then you can take its form from the Gram Panchayat office. Fill the name of the head of the family and all the members in the form. Put a picture of your entire family and a copy of other important documents. Also give an affidavit. You will get a receipt upon submission of the form. When your name is included in the ration card list, then you can take the ration card by going to your nearest control.

May have to pay fees
By the way, ration cards are being made for free in most states. But some states charge a fixed fee for this. These amounts can range from 5 to 45 rupees. According to media reports, some charges have to be paid for making a ration card in Delhi. These fees are fixed according to different classes.


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