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HTLS 2020: Nick Jonas told how girls in India feel when asked


Her American husband Nick Jonas did not know much about India before she married Priyanka Chopra. Even after this, he loves the culture of India. He even married both Hindu and Christian customs. Nevertheless, it has been very interesting for them to understand about India’s family values ​​and relationships. On how he felt when he was called as Jiju on behalf of many sisters and other girls of Priyanka Chopra, Jonas said that I am very happy as the husband of those girls’ sister.

At the Hindustan Leadership Summit, Priyanka Chopra said that Nick Jonas was trending as a national brother-in-law during the marriage. Even in India, Jiju had become a nickname for him. Nick Jonas says that he is very happy with the honor being received in India and is thankful to Indians for this. Priyanka said that India is my home, while Nick Jonas also has a lot of love for India. Regarding keeping the Indian culture and traditions, Nick Jonas said that my love for Priyanka is like love for India.

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On the question of time management and time management between shooting schedules, Priyanka Chopra said that this is possible through the support provided by the family. Desi Girl going somewhere Priyanka Chopra said that we should not just think of the burden on ourselves but should dream and work accordingly.

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Regarding the criterion of selecting a film, Priyanka Chopra said that I am very clear about this. I do films based on the script and I like to see how much space they will get in playing a role.

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