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Hyderabad-based girl gets Rs 2 crore job in Microsoft after 300 hours of completing her studies


Hyderabad-based girl gets Rs 2 crore job in Microsoft after 300 hours of completing her studies 1

New Delhi. Those people are very lucky, who get a job for a few months after completing their education, but the one we are going to talk about today, he got a salary package job of Rs 2 crore within 300 hours of completing his education i.e. about two weeks. Has joined. Microsoft has given this job. The name of this personality is Narakuti Dipthi. Which completed post graduation on 2 May and joined Microsoft on 17 May. Let us also tell you how Narakuti Deepthi got this job and how his family background is.

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Selection made in 300 people
Hyderabad-based Narakuti Dipti has been offered a job by Microsoft on a package of 20 million. He has been selected as a software engineer and joined the Seattle headquarters in the USA on May 17. Dipthi was selected in a campus selection of 300 people, where he was offered the highest annual package. This campus interview took place at the University of Florida. He completed his postgraduate from the University of Florida on May 2 of this month.

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Offers from these companies too
By the way, Narakuti Deepthi was also offered a job from Amazon, Gouldman Saché. At Microsoft, Dipthi has been selected for Software Development Engineer where he is in Grade 2 category. By the way, many companies also took part in this campus selection.

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What do father
Dipthi’s father Dr. Venkanna is a forensic expert in Hyderabad Police Commissionerate. This is not Dipthi’s first job. He had earlier worked as a software engineer at the JP Morgan Company after completing his BTech from the College of Engineering, Hyderabad. Where he took a three-year experience and left the job to pursue further studies. She also received a scholarship, after which MS moved to the US to study computer.

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