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ICICI’s initiative to make grocery shoppers online business; revenue will double from new scheme


ICICI's initiative to make grocery shoppers online business; revenue will double from new scheme 1

new Delhi. The scale of digitalisation is increasing with time. Due to this, now ICICI Bank has brought a special scheme to make Kirana Shopkeeper online business. Which is named Digital Store Management Platform. In this, the grocery store can be transformed into an online store in just 30 minutes. This will enable shopkeepers to take online orders from customers, thereby increasing their earnings.

What is Digital Store Management Platform
In this, merchants will get the facility of online in-store operation management. With this, you can make inventory, billing and payment collection through POS (point of sale), QR codes and payment links. ICICI Bank’s target is to convert 1 crore retail shops into online through the new platform. The objective of introducing this scheme is to ease the everyday needs of customers in the Corona era, as well as to promote shopping in a contactless and digital way. This will also help the shopkeepers to increase their sales.

How will the app work
The digital platform has three applications to transform a grocery store into an online store in 30 minutes. One of them is EasyPay Mobile App. Through this, the businessman can convert his shop into an online store. At the same time, UPI or debit and credit cards can be tracked through another app easing. You can also manage inventory and orders through this app. At the same time, the third is the ease supply app, through which your own wholesaler or distributor has the facility to order online.


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