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If you had also invested in these companies, then you would have made 200 to 400 percent profit.


If you had also invested in these companies, then you would have made 200 to 400 percent profit. 1

new Delhi. Thousands of people have died due to Corona virus in the country, the number of which may reach one lakh soon. In the world, in the case of corona cases, India is second only to America. Due to which the lockdown was imposed in the country. After that the financial problem of the people in the country started. The stock market also initially dipped, but recovered after that. And it arose that in the first half after 2009, for the first time, the Sensex and Nifty saw a boom. Shares of some companies made gains ranging from 200 per cent to 400 per cent. Surprisingly, in the top ten companies in terms of giving returns, the country’s largest company Reliance Industries is not named, whose market cap has exceeded 15 lakh crores. While there are companies ranging from Alok Industries to TCS and Vodafone Idea and Tata Communications, who must have invested during this time, they must have made big profits. Let us also tell you what kind of boom has been witnessed in the stock market during this period and which company has benefited so much.

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Sensex and Nifty witnessed big boom
During the lockdown, the stock market has seen tremendous boom. This boom has been seen for the first time after the tremendous figures of the first half of 2009. During March 31 to September 30, where the Sensex has seen a growth of 29 percent. On the other hand, the National Stock Exchange’s major index Nifty 50 has seen a gain of 31 percent. According to experts, the market has seen a boom due to the positive trend of foreign markets in times of instability. Let us tell you that in the first half of 2009, the Sensex rose by 76 percent and the Nifty 50 by 68 percent. It never happened after that.

Which shares are Alexander of the market
If we talk about the top 10 return companies in these 6 months, then there is no big name in it. Oddly enough, the stock of Vodafone Idea, which is going through its worst phase, has given more than 200 per cent returns. Whereas Tata Communications has given 264 per cent returns. Shares of Alok Industries and Adani Green have been successful in giving returns of up to 400 per cent. Small companies are dominating more in these six months. Dish TV shares have given a return of around 230 per cent. On the other hand, Suwen Pharma has given a return of 277%, beating the big pharma companies like Sun Pharma and Cadila. Companies like Reliance Industries and TCS are not named in this list.

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The largest increase in shares of these companies in 6 months

name of the company Share price (in rupees) on 30 September Share price (in rupees) as on 31 March Difference (in percent)
Alok Industries 3.9 19.6 398.7
Adani Green Energy 153.7 737.9 380.2
Laurus Lab 64.5 287.1 344.9
Suven pharma 100.7 379.4 276.6
Tata communication 233.2 848.9 264
KPIT Tech 35.4 122.2 245.7
Dish TV India 4.1 13.5 229.5
Birla soft 61.5 195.1 217.2
Vodafone idea 3.1 9.6 207.4
Welspun India 21.8 67 207.3

After all, how much money the companies have
The top ten return companies of the country have also raised billions in their bag. Alok Instries with a market cap of Rs 862.15 crore as on March 31, increased by Rs 3470.73 crore to hit the market of Rs 4332.88 crore on 30 September. At the same time, Adani Green touched the figure of one lakh crore rupees from the market cap of 24 thousand. The market cap of Vodafone Idea saw an increase of about 19 thousand crores. At the same time, the market cap of Suwen Pharma increased by 7 thousand crores. The market can of Tata Communication has increased by Rs 17,500 crore to Rs 24,193 crore.

In 6 months, these companies earned thatch.

name of the company MCap on 30 September (in crores rupees) MCAP on 31 March (in crores of rupees) Difference (in crore rupees)
Alok Industries 4,332.88 862.15 3470.73
Adani Green Energy 1,15,408.62 24,038.90 91,369.10
Laurus Lab 15388.41 3457.16 11,931.25
Suven pharma 9658.19 2563.46 7,094.73
Tata communication 24193.65 6646.2 17,547.45
KPIT Tech 3350.04 970.40 2379.64
Dish TV India 2485.69 754.91 1730.78
Birla soft 5406.44 1704.23 3702.21
Vodafone idea 27,585.98 8907.97 18678.01
Welspun India 6731.65 2190.30 4541.35

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There can be ups and downs in the next half
According to experts, the market may see fluctuations in the coming few months. The biggest reason for this is the election of the US President. Where once again, the current President Donald Trump is a candidate for a second term from the Republican Party. At the same time, Joe Biden, candidate of the Democratic Party. Trump and his wife have developed a corona due to which the market may see a downward trend. On the other hand, how much and how much help the market and economy can get from the central bank will also be very important. Investors will once again turn to defensive sectors. We will also try to keep our profits in our hands.


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