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If you have accidentally gone to someone else’s account, then you can do these 4 things for withdrawal


If you have accidentally gone to someone else's account, then you can do these 4 things for withdrawal 1

new Delhi. Nowadays, most people resort to digital payment. With this, there is neither the problem of withdrawing cash nor moving anywhere. You can make online payments from anywhere, anytime. But many times, due to haste or misappropriation of numbers, the money accidentally reaches another’s account (Wrong Money Transaction). These small omissions during money transfer can be very heavy. In such a situation, you can get your money back in your account by adopting certain methods, so let’s know what those methods are.

Give information to bank
If you have mistakenly sent money to someone else’s account, you will need to inform your bank about it for its withdrawal. In this, you have to tell the transaction amount, date, time and the account on which you have sent the money. With this, the bank will find out to whose account you have sent the money.

May take up to 2 months
It takes a lot of hard work to get an accidentally transferred amount. Because it has to follow many rules. The process can sometimes take up to two months. Because first you have to find out the details of the account in which you sent money by mistake from your bank. Now you have to contact the bank of the account holder where you have sent the money to get the refund. If the bank gets your argument right, then they will ask you for a request application. After that the bank will inform its customer. After this the next process will start

Return automatically if IFSC or account number is wrong
Many times we make mistake of entering IFSC code or account number at the time of money transaction. Due to which the money is not able to reach the right place and the balance is deducted from the account. If this happens then you need not panic. Because in such a situation, your deducted money is automatically returned to your account within 48 hours. Even if you have any problem then you can contact your bank or customer care.

Legal action option
Usually, if someone has accidentally received money in his account, then on request from the receiver, he returns it, but sometimes some people refuse to return the money. In such a situation, you can take legal action against such a person. In this, you can complain by giving account number, bank branch and details of that person. This will solve your problem.


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