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If you have an account in ICICI Bank then be careful! Bank issued this alert to protect customers from loss


If you have an account in ICICI Bank then be careful! Bank issued this alert to protect customers from loss 1

New Delhi. If you are an ICICI Bank customer then there is an important information for you. The bank (ICICI Bank) has issued a special warning for customers in view of the increasing cases of fraud with people in the country. According to the information released by the bank, it is important for customers to take care of some special things while using mobile banking. This is because people unknowingly fall into the trap of thugs and get their bank accounts emptied.

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ICICI gave advice to customers about this

ICICI Bank has issued an alert to protect customers from similar banking frauds. The bank, through its official Twitter handle, has specifically cautioned customers against SIM swapping by cyber fraudsters. According to the bank, by issuing a new SIM from your registered number, cyber thugs get information about all financial transactions and OTP etc. In this way money can be easily withdrawn from anyone’s account. ICICI has told its customers that if there is no signal in your phone for a long time while using mobile banking, then it is necessary to contact the mobile network operator. There is a need to be alert even when extraordinary messages or unknown alerts come.

RBI made this change in the rules related to FD

On the other hand, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has made important changes regarding the rules related to fixed deposits. After the maturity of the FD, now less interest will be available on it. According to RBI, if a customer does not withdraw the deposit after the maturity of the FD, then less interest will be given under the new rule. RBI has said that if the FD money is not claimed and it remains lying in the account, then the customer will get interest at the rate of savings account or as per a mature FD. RBI has clarified that the new rule will be applicable to fixed deposits with commercial banks, small finance banks, co-operative banks, local regional banks.

Earlier rules had this provision

Under the earlier rules, if the customer did not claim after maturity, his FD was extended for the period for which the initial FD was taken. In this way the interest was also higher.

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