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Bitbns – India’s Largest to Launches its own Cryptocurrency


Bitbns, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in India, announced its multi-protocol utility token BNS Token- One Token, For Everything on September 7th.

The exchange was started by a group of young minds of Indian Institute of Technology. The exchange went live on December 14th, 2017. The exchange mainly aimed at providing the Indian customers with an entrance into the world of cryptocurrency.

Even though the Indian government has been strict with the cryptocurrency, Bitbns still focused and provided the way of trading of the cryptocurrencies with innovative technique. Bitbns believes, “Cryptocurrency space is young, cryptocurrency traders are young, and so are we.”

With the launch of its BNS token, it is taking one big and ambitious step ahead. The advantages of holding such a token is that flexibility and interoperability. Bitbns mentions that the BNS tokens have other impressive features such as

  • One will be able to make instantaneous transactions through BNS
  • One could use BNS to make payments anywhere and everywhere
  • One could make transactions online and offline
  • Discount on Trading Cryptocurrency
  • BNS tokens are more secure
  • There are respective reward points and discounts available as and when you use

Along with these features, Bitbns has made sure that it provides its customers with all kinds of facilities which would prove to be profitable to the customers. It provides the power to the customers to trade more than what the customer own using its margin trading feature.

  • After becoming one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in India and introducing its BNS token, Bitbns has further aspirations to build a space where one could use cryptocurrencies in day to day life that includes banking, shopping, e-commerce etc.
  • With these aspirations in mind, it is working on the following aspects as mentioned in its white paper
    • Borderless FIAT Payments,
    • Banking – cryptocurrency loans at a reasonable rate, savings cryptocurrency accounts with better interest rates, FIAT loans at reasonable prices.
    • Shopping – offline and online, Bitbns Pay-a debit card, Bitbns Payment gateway
    • Remittance
    • Investment – Systematic Purchase Plans, Derivative Instruments
    • Insurance
    • Payment Blockchain

Recently it announced its strategic alliance with the OKEx, the world’s leading digital asset exchange. Bitbns has certainly has vitalized the draining hearts of all the cryptocurrency enthusiasts of India. With the partnership, Bitbns will be able to get customers around the world and also can make its mark in the global cryptocurrency ecosystem. This would undoubtedly get global cryptocurrency space in India and would also get the required support in terms of funding for all the small scale blockchain businesses which would in turn help in the growth of the country’s economy.

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