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Kajol shared a fun post- don a helmet while riding a bike, don’t trust Karva Chauth.


Kajol is very active on social media and shares many funny mimes on social media. Recently, Kajol has shared a post about Karva Chauth, which is becoming quite viral on social media. In this post it is written, ‘While driving the car, definitely tie the seatbelt, do wear helmets while riding the bike, do not trust Karvachauth.’

Please tell that these days Kajol is in Singapore with daughter Nyasa. Kajol continues to share her photos from Singapore A few days ago, Kajol shared her photos taken by her daughter, praising Betty Nyasa’s photography skills.

Kajol wrote while sharing the photos, ‘Just wearing my sarees was missing so much, today I fulfilled this wish. In all likelihood I like sarees a lot. Another house photographer, this time my daughter. ‘

A few days ago, a user asked Kajol if she would launch her daughter in Bollywood, then Kajol said no. Then another user asked if Nyasa wants to come to the movies, then Kajol also answered no.

Let us know that Nyasa is still 17 years old and she is not interested in Bollywood. But still Nyasa has quite a good fan following. His photos go viral on social media. Although Nyasa does not like Limelight.

Kajol said this when her daughter was trolled

In fact, Nyasa has been trolled many times for her outfits, which caused a lot of pain to both Kajol and Ajay. Kajol said this in an interview, ‘I think my daughter being trolled on social media is very sad and disturbing. As a parent, we always protect our children. So when Nyasa trolls on social media, it feels bad ‘.

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