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Kalyan Jewelers: offers Mahachhoot with offers, you will get favorite design


Kalyan Jewelers: offers Mahachhoot with offers, you will get favorite design 1

new Delhi. Kalyan jewelers have become the first choice of people in India. Due to this, everyone prefers to take jewelery of the same brand. Kalyan jewelers keep announcing many big offers from time to time with special discounts to keep the customers happy. In which the customer can remain safe in the future when the price of gold rises or fluctuates.


Customers get special discounts

Not only this, customers can book their jewelery at the current price of gold by making an advance payment of only 10% of the total amount of their purchase. Also, flat 25% discount on purchase of Diamond and Polki jewelery * and flat 20% discount on valuable stone jewelery * has also been given to customers by Kalyan Jewelers.


Kalyan Jewelers latest designs

Kalyan Jewelers offers jewelery like earrings, bangles and necklaces of every design keeping in mind the choice of the customers. Which includes well-known brands of Kalyan such as Tejaswi – Polkijwelari, Mudhra – Handcrafted Antique Jewelery, Nima – Mandir Jewelery, Glow – Dancing Diamonds, Jia – Solitaire.


Kalyanaraman, chairman and managing director of Kalyan Jewelers, believes, “Our goal is to get customers the most out of their purchases. We make offers that protect the interest of customers even when the price of gold rises.”

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