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Kangana Ranaut was seen having fun while having a picnic with the family


Actress Kangana Ranaut expresses her views on every issue with utmost care. She is known in Bollywood for her cool style. Recently, after the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, the actress has opened her front against Bollywood and gang-rape. She is taking out her anger by targeting many famous Bollywood kids. Kangna, who has been in constant discussion due to these reasons, is enjoying some time in Manali these days before the start of the Ranaut monsoon. The actress planned a picnic for her family on the hills here.

Kangana’s team tweeted, “Kangana organizes a picnic for her family. Even though they are in the Green Zone, they praise all the permissions granted by the Himachal Pradesh authorities.”

He also shared a video in which Kangana can be seen rolling on the green grass laughing. Apparently, she is spending quality time with her sister Rangoli and nephew Prithvi. During this time other members of the family were also seen enjoying, they were seen eating together, talking, laughing and smiling. Everyone sang and danced together. Kangana can also be seen dancing happily with her mother.

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The actress’ digital team wrote in an Instagram post, “Kangana Ranaut organized a picnic for her family, while there are no tourists in the valley due to the lockdown. The result of this? Independence and happy times in the valley that they have not seen for years. Nature has its own way of healing, which we just need to explore.

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