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Kangana Ranaut’s retort to Sanjay Raut, your people are saying my jaw will break and kill, coming to Mumbai on September 9


The feud between Kangana Ranaut and Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut continues. Kangana has now shared her video and has given an open challenge to Sanjay Raut by replying to his statement of ‘haramkhor girl’. In the video, Kangana says, ‘Sanjay ji, you told me that I am a girl of haraamkhor. You must know how many girls are being raped every hour in this country, how many girls are being thrown acid, how many girls are being treated unfairly at work. Even her own husband is breaking her mouth, nose, jaw. Do you know who is responsible for this? It is responsible for the mentality that you have done in front of the entire country. The daughters of this country will not forgive you. ‘

Kangana said, ‘When Aamir Khan ji said that he is scared in this country, no one called him a harem. Even when Naseeruddin ji said it, no one spoke to him. I did not get tired of praising Mumbai Police, you can see my old interviews. But when Mumbai Police was not registering complaint of Sushant’s father, then I condemned him and this is my freedom of expression. ‘

Kangana further challenged Sanjay Raut and said, ‘You are not Maharashtra. You cannot say that I condemned Maharashtra. Sanjay ji, I am coming to Mumbai on 9 September. Your people are saying they will break my jaw, kill me. You guys kill me because the soil of this country is watered with similar blood. No one knows how many people have given their lives for the dignity of this country and we too have to pay our debt. See you on September 9 Jai Hind … Jai Maharashtra. ‘

Kangana shared the video and wrote, ‘Sanjay ji, I have complete freedom of expression, I have the freedom to go anywhere in my country. I am free.

Kangana’s father upset

Kangana had earlier shared a video of her father. In the video, Kangana’s father says, you are my lioness. But don’t mess with anyone. I could not sleep at night. I wake up at 12 o’clock and wake up till 4 o’clock in the morning.

Kangana shared the video and wrote, ‘You can fight the media. You can challenge the government, but how to handle this emotional blackmail at home? Who is relating this scene of my house.

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