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Kapil Sharma asked Neha Kakkar – Did you charge a fee to perform in your own wedding? Singer said this for father-in-law


Singer Neha Kakkar recently got married with boyfriend Rohanpreet Singh. The videos and photos of their marriage went viral on social media. Recently, the two arrived together as ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ guests. Here he told the story from his love story to meeting each other, talking and expressing love. Meanwhile, Kapil Sharma asked Neha Kakkar if you had taken fees from in-laws to perform in your own wedding?

At first, Neha and Rohanpreet Singh laughed at this funny question of Kapil, after which Neha asked for father-in-law that he would not back down even if I had asked him for fees for performance. They would also offer their prayers.

Neha said this for Rohanpreet
Let me tell you that in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ Neha told that she wanted to get married. She said that she is successful and she has everything, so she did not want to get into a relationship, but Rohanpreet was not ready for marriage. Neha told that Rohanpreet Singh told him that he is just 25 years old and he does not want to get married.

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Then one day Rohanpreet told Neha that he cannot live without them, let’s get married. When Rohanpreet was having a drink, Neha felt that he would forget this thing the next day. Neha further revealed that she arrived in Chandigarh for the shoot on the second day. Rohanpreet came to the hotel and reminded them of the wedding again. After this Neha told Rohanpreet to meet my mother.

Neha told that her mother loved Rohanpreet’s smile. He further said that he and Rohanpreet’s parents had no objections about their marriage.

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