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Karthik Aryan commented on Deepika Padukone’s post, the actress said – Have you ever met me?


Bollywood actor Karthik Aryan is very active on social media. Often comments on celebs’ posts. Karthik’s comments are also very funny. Recently Deepika Padukone posted a boomerang video. In it, she told that she has been enjoying birthday cake for a week. She is seeing her reflection in the spoon with which Deepika ate the cake. Karthik notices the cleanliness of the spoon in it and says how clean this spoon is.

Deepika Padukone writes while replying that have you ever met me? His fans have also commented on this post. Fans said that Deepika is very passionate about cleanliness. Deepika Padukone once said, ‘I pay a lot of attention to cleanliness. I have an obsessive compulsive disorder about cleanliness. If I see a dirty place, then I start cleaning everything. ‘

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This video of Deepika Padukone has got more than 47 lakh views in a few hours. Recently, Deepika has had 5 crore followers on Instagram account. It is known that Deepika’s fans are present not only in India but around the world, who follow her on Instagram. Deepika considers herself lucky for this love met with fans. He has expressed his gratitude to his fans. Deepika is happy to receive so much love from fans and has thanked all her fan club on social media. Deepika’s fans are also congratulating her.

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