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Karva Chauth 2020: From Tiwari to Happu Singh, these TV stars will keep fasting for Karva Chauth


Karva Chauth has traditionally been a festival of women. On this day, women fast for the good health and longevity of their husbands. This time the male actors of TV are breaking old practices and going to start a new trend. Happu Singh (Yogesh Tripathi) of ‘Happu Ki Ooltan Paltan’, Pappu (Manmohan Tiwari) and Radhey (Ravi Mahabardhe) of ‘Gudiya Hamari Pe Pa Hari’ and Manmohan Tiwari (Rohitash Gaur) of ‘Bhabiji are at home’.

In order to show love and support for their wives, these artists will observe Karva Chauth fast for their wives this year. Yogesh Tripathi said, ‘We perform these customs every year with full enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Its preparations begin a day in advance, but this year it is even more special, because this year I will celebrate this festival with my wife. I will make this Karva Chauth even more special and memorable for him.

Rohitashwar Gaur said, ‘customs and traditions play an important role in our celebrations. This brings the whole family together and makes their relationship even stronger. We can at least celebrate together and enjoy these moments together. During the fasting time we will play board games, read a book together and decorate the plate together and listen to the story in the evening.

Ravi Mahabardhe said, ‘This year I was thinking of doing something special for my wife and then I thought why not fast it for her. In this way, both of us can enjoy the fast together and support each other. She used to keep fast all day and I used to have trouble seeing it. She was shocked when I told her that I will observe fast this year, but her smile was priceless. We will do all the work together on the day of fasting, watch a movie or show, make dinner, listen to Katha in the evening and eagerly wait for the moon to open our fast.

Manmohan Tiwari said, ‘I have always been fasting with my wife on Karva Chauth and will do it this year too. We both celebrate it and enjoy it together. We tease each other by talking about favorite foods and see who gets hungry first. We also cook food together, tackle all the household chores together and watch our favorite shows. After the story in the evening, we usually listen to music or play antakshari to get our attention away from food (laughs). My wife keeps sending me again and again to see if the moon has come. And as soon as the moon comes out, we all run towards the ceiling with a sieve, plate and urn. It is a lot of fun doing it all together. ‘

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