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Katrina Kaif is enjoying this quarantine with sister Isabel, shared this fun video


Katrina Kaif is known for her acting as well as her performance. Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabel recently posted a beautiful video on her social media. These videos are made by his elder sister Katrina Kaif. The Kaif sisters seem to be enjoying the lockdown.

Recently, in a new video on Katrina Kaif’s Instagram, she and her sister Isabel are telling what they do ‘all day’. Katrina can be seen in a pink sweatshirt at the beginning of the clip. She is sweeping the floor with Isabella, and poses for a picture playing guitar. Katrina created the video on Instagram with new feature reels launched by the app.

While sharing a photo, Katrina wrote, “All day, every day. I think you can do with Reels.” In a photo posted on Instagram, Katrina appeared busy playing sequences, board and card games. In its caption, he wrote, “The best thing about playing with just two people is that you win fast.

Please tell that Katrina exercises 1 to 3 hours seven days a week. Cardio, weight training, squats, push ups and lunges are her favorite exercises that help her stay fit and healthy. Apart from this, Katrina also likes to do Pilates and Yoga. At the same time, Katrina says about the Corona virus and the recent state of the world, this time changed her attitude towards life.

During an interview, Katrina said, “This epidemic and the lockdown it has caused have given many of us a chance to self-observe how well our lives are or how we usually take it. Along with this, due to the increasing number of cases, I believe that we should work towards better immunity through our food and lifestyle. It has also changed my thinking about life in some ways. He also said that He is very concerned about the current situation.

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