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Know who stole Kangana Ranaut’s heart, said – why does no one say anything to this boy


Kangana Ranaut is always in the headlines for her statements. Even on social media, she always speaks on some issue. But recently Kangana shared a lovely post. Sharing this post, Kangana said that a fight has stolen her heart. Now before you start thinking about something else, let us tell you that the boy is the nephew of no one but the actress.

Kangana shared her photo with the nephew and wrote, ‘There is a little boy who stole my face, laughter and my hair colors. Why didn’t anyone say anything to this boy who stole my heart. ‘

Big statement about casting couch

Recently, Kangana has made big claims about casting couch in Bollywood. Actually, while talking to a channel, Kangana talked about the pressure of casting couch and female actresses in Bollywood. Kangna said that no matter how successful a actress is, but if they have to do a film, then they have to please the director or the actor.

Not only this, Kangana also told that some big superstars expect the actress to behave like a wife on the set.

Kangana said, ‘I do not say that I am generalizing everyone, but whoever I have met, A list, B list and big superstars. They all expect the actress to behave like a wife with them. The next film arrives, then the next hero arrives. This is true of the industry.

Kangana further said, ‘Maybe Jaya ji was protected because she had a powerful man with her. But what happened to Parveen Bobby and Zeenat Aman, we cannot deny that.

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