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Kushal Jhaveri shares throwback photo, Sushant Singh Rajput, Ankita Lokhande and Mahesh Shetty are seen in the mood for fun


Every day new updates are coming out in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. Recently, the late actor’s close friend Kushal Jhaveri has shared a throwback photo with Sushant along with him, Mahesh Shetty and Ankita Lokhande. On social media, Kushal Jhaveri, Sushant Singh Rajput are making frequent revelations in the case. He also keeps sharing many old photos and videos on Instagram.

Earlier, Kushal Jhaveri shared details of his last chat with Sushant. During a chat with a news portal, Sushant and his chat were made public. Kushal said that Sushant had messaged him on 1 June and asked him how. Sushant wrote, ‘How is it brother? I hope you are healthy and rocking. Miss you. Jai Shiva Shambhu, Sushant. ‘

On this, Kushal replied to him the next day, brother, your message came, I was very happy. I am fine with health but everyone is struggling. I am also doing I hope that you too will be fine, brother. After this, Sushant told his heart, telling him what his future plans are and how his lockdown is going. Sushant wrote that I am working on myself. Trying to move forward. Whenever I sit thinking, I miss those golden days spent with both of us. How wonderful those days were. I just want to tell you that I am proud of the work we have done together. We are still together today. Giving my love to Sid and telling him that I miss him so much. love.

Subramanian Swamy raised questions on Riya Chakravarty, saying- what was she doing at Morchery? Sushant’s postmortem evidence tampered!

Key maker said – no one let Sushant Singh Rajput’s room

Kushal said that he could not believe that Sushant took his own life. Kushal said that he remained in contact with Sushant till February 2019. After that he went to Goa and got busy with some international products. He does not know what happened to Sushant after this.

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