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Letter to Amit Shah of BJP MP on laborers suffering on the streets – these are our people


Corona virus infection is spreading rapidly. The country has been put on lockdown to prevent its outbreak. Migrant laborers have been evacuated to their homes due to lack of employment in the lockdown. Pathetic pictures of laborers are becoming viral daily on social media. According to a report in The Telegraph, a BJP MP has written a letter to Home Minister Amit Shah in view of this. The MP has requested Shah in the letter to allocate Rs 1,000 crore from the PM-Care Fund for migrant workers. He wrote that this money should be spent on the transport of laborers because the image of laborers walking hundreds of kilometers can politically harm the party.

Rajya Sabha member Om Prakash Mathur wrote, ‘These are all our people. The suffering of migrants has become the subject of intense discussion. ”Party sources believe that this was an indication that this could have adverse political effects.

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The MP further wrote, “You should know that for the past several days, we have been watching on TV and reading in the newspapers that migrant workers are walking hundreds of kilometers from one state to another. Therefore, I appeal to you that Rs 1,000 crore allocated from the PM-Care Fund for the welfare of migrants can be used to arrange transport for them and take them to safe house. ”

The PM-CARES Fund Trust recently announced Rs 1000 crore for the care of workers. This amount will be used to meet expenses on transportation, shelter, medicine and food for migrant workers.

Let me tell you that the corona outbreak is not taking the name of stoppage and is spreading very fast. Coronavirus cases in India have crossed the 85,000 mark by Saturday. There are now more than 52 thousand active cases in the country, while 2753 people have died. The good news is that so far, more than 30 percent of the total patients, about 30 thousand people have recovered and returned home. In the last 24 hours only 2277 patients have been discharged, which is the record so far.

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