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LIC Kanyadan Policy: With the investment of 3600 rupees every month, you can add 27 lakh rupees for the daughter’s wedding


LIC Kanyadan Policy: With the investment of 3600 rupees every month, you can add 27 lakh rupees for the daughter's wedding 1

new Delhi. Every parent dreams of having a plan for daughter’s pomp, but the worry of spending on it often haunts them. If you are equally worried about the future of your daughter, then LIC Kanyadan Policy can prove to be effective for you. In this, you have to deposit only 3600 rupees every month, instead of which you can get up to 27 lakh rupees. Although this policy is for 25 years, but its biggest advantage is that the premiere has to be paid only for 22 years.

What is LIC Kanyadan Policy
This insurance plan can be taken for 13 to 25 years. In this, any person can take insurance of at least 1 lakh rupees. The guardian must be between 18 and 50 years of age to take the policy. While the daughter should be at least one year old. This policy also provides exemption on premium under section 80C of Income Tax Act 1961. This discount is available on the amount of up to Rs 1.5 lakh.

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Benefits of policy
On the death of the insured under the policy, his family will be given Rs 5 lakh immediately. During the plan, the death benefit to the policyholder is paid in annual installment. In this scheme you will also get the benefit of bonus declared by LIC every year.

2. If the insured dies in an accident, his family will get Rs 10 lakh.

3. If a person deposits Rs 75 daily, then he will get Rs 14 lakh at the time of marriage of the daughter after 25 years of paying monthly premium. If a person saves Rs 251 daily, he will get Rs 51 lakh after 25 years of paying the monthly premium.

4. Subsidy Policy Applicants can increase or decrease the premium amount according to their income.
You can pay the premium daily or you can pay it in 6, 4 or 1 month.

How to invest
To take LIC Kanyadaan policy, you have to fill the Aadhaar card, income certificate, identity card, proof of address, passport size photo scheme proposal duly filled and signed, check or cash to fill the first premium, birth certificate Important documents like this will be needed. You can contact your nearest LIC branch or agent to get an investment plan.

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