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LIC Scheme: Now worry about rupees in daughter’s wedding, get 27 lakhs daily from savings of 121 rupees


LIC Scheme: Now worry about rupees in daughter's wedding, get 27 lakhs daily from savings of 121 rupees 1

new Delhi. Every parent dreams that their daughter gets married with great pomp, but sometimes financial constraints add to it. If you are also worried about this future concern, then you need not worry. Because through LIC’s Kanyadan Policy, you can add a hefty amount. In this, you have to add only 121 rupees daily, which will give you up to 27 lakh rupees in future. With this, you will be able to marry your daughter well. So what is this policy and what procedures have to be done to invest in it.

You will get money on completion of 25 years
LIC has introduced a special policy to make it easier for daughter’s weddings. Its name is Kanyadan Yojana. Under this plan, a monthly premium of about Rs 3600 is paid at the rate of Rs 121 per day. By doing this you can get a return of 27 lakh rupees. You will get this amount on completion of 25 years. In this policy, you will get the facility of less or more premium than this. You can choose it as per your choice. If the investor dies after taking the policy, then the family will be given 1 lakh rupees every year.

Important things related to policy
This plan can be taken for 13 to 25 years. In this, any person can take insurance of at least 1 lakh rupees. Also, the premium has to be paid for 3 years less than the term. The father’s age must be between 18 and 50 years to take the policy. While the daughter should be at least one year old. This policy also provides exemption on premium under section 80C of Income Tax Act 1961. This discount is available on the amount of up to Rs 1.5 lakh.

Benefits of policy
1. In the midst of this policy of LIC, if the insured used to deposit 75 rupees daily, then the daughter will get 14 lakh rupees under the policy for her marriage after 25 years. Similarly, the higher the amount, the higher the return. For example, if you deposit 121 rupees daily, then you will get around 27 lakh rupees on maturity.
2. On the death of the insured, the family will get 5 lakh rupees. The death benefit to the policy holder will be given in the annual installment.
3. If the insurance holder dies in an accident, the family will get Rs 10 lakh.
4. If a person dies under the policy, then his family will not have to pay the premium in this policy. The company itself will give Rs 1 lakh to the family for survival. Also, after 25 years, the maturity amount will also be given.


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