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LPG cylinder insurance provides insurance for 50 lakh rupees, know what are the rules


LPG cylinder insurance provides insurance for 50 lakh rupees, know what are the rules 1

You must have read and heard about many types of insurance. Do you know that LPG cylinder gets compensation even after an accident. Yes, there are very few people who know about this insurance. If you take LPG cylinders from any legitimate gas dealer, then you have 40 to 50 lakhs at the same time. This insurance applies at many levels. There are rules for filling the gas, delivering it, looking after it. Therefore, a lot of precaution is taken regarding cylinder gas. All registered consumers are provided insurance cover in case of accident due to gas cylinder at the registered residence. All family members come under its cover.

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It is necessary to meet the rules of the company
If the accident happened due to a cylinder burst, you can get an insurance amount of up to Rs 40 lakh. If someone dies in an accident, the family may have to pay up to Rs 50 lakh to the insurance company. For this, it is necessary to live up to the rules of the company. However, the sum assured is decided only after assessing the accident. Consumers do not need to be insured separately. You become an insurance holder as soon as you take a gas connection. But due to lack of information, people are not able to take advantage of this scheme.

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How to claim insurance
To claim the insurance, the customer has to inform the police station and the LPG distributor within 30 days of the accident. To claim the insurance amount, a copy of the FIR, bill for the treatment of the injured and report of the death of someone should be retained. After giving the information, the officer concerned investigates the cause of the accidents. If the accident is caused by LPG, the distributor informs the gas company.

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It is necessary for insurance claim
If an accident occurs then these things are necessary to claim the sum insured. The LPG connection is taken from the consumer at the address. It is necessary to have an accident with a cylinder burst at the same address. The consumer is using the regulator and other related agency at the time of accident and should be ISI Marka. You will not get the benefit of insurance by using goods purchased from the market.

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