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Made in India Producer Outkey Launched, Helped to Protect Corona from Infection


Coronavirus infection cases are increasing rapidly in the country. Meanwhile, an Indian startup company has launched the Made in India tool. This device named Outki will be very effective in protecting you from infection in public places. Actually, Outki’s main job is to protect the person from direct contact to the gate, ATM machine and lift. Startup company DiaMia Care Pvt Ltd has launched it.

Everyone is worried about his health amid the increasing infection of the corona virus. In such a situation, this device will prove to be effective in maintaining social distancing. You can use Outkey to open the door without opening, operating the lift and using the ATM card. You can use the outkey at malls, airports, railway stations and other public places to protect yourself from infection.

Outki was launched by Indian startup DiaMia Care Pvt Ltd on 16 May 2020. There has not been even a week of launch and the company has received tremendous response for this outkey product. The company has received over a million messages on social media platforms and more than 50,000 people have visited the site. The company says that this device is for everyone’s use. Most customers are buying it for their family and friends. It is seen that a customer is buying more than two of this equipment.

The company said in its statement that the outkey is made of brass. However, research is still going on about how effective brass is in preventing the corona virus. Many earlier research has revealed that a device made of brass and copper can be helpful in reducing the effects of the virus. It is also necessary to mention here that outkey is not a medical device but it is to avoid direct contact with objects used in public places, so that you can protect yourself from any type of virus infection.

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