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Mahi Vij wants to be a mother again, told fans – please convince husband, I am getting bored


Mahi Vij and Jai Bhanushali are one of the cute couple on TV. The two also keep having fun with each other on social media. Now recently, Mahi posted on social media that she wants to become a mother again and she has appealed to the fans to convince Jai to do the same. Mahi wrote, ‘Friends please go to Jai’s account and write in the comment section that I want another baby. He is refusing another baby. But I am getting bored. My daughter Tara has also grown up and she no longer listens to me. ‘

Please tell that Jai and Mahi became parents in August last year. Apart from this, they also take care of their caretaker’s children and take full care of their education from upbringing.

Recently, in an interview to Hindustan Times, he talked about the experience of becoming his mother. Mahi had said, ‘When it comes to Tara, I become very protective. I want everything in her room to be done correctly. I wash her bottles myself. I keep checking the temperature of his room. I do not relax even 5 minutes sitting comfortably because I want it to be comfortable always.

When Jai said- I am training to be a better father

Jai said, ‘First I get up, look at my daughter’s face, spend some time with her and then go to workouts. After this, I make the other two children sit with me. I teach them and help them complete their homework, after which we watch cartoons together. I’m really training to be a better father. ‘

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