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MH 370 Wreckage Found Off the Coast of Madagascar Islands


Almost a year and a half after the infamous flight MH 370 went missing, Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Rajak informed the world that a wreckage of the flight has been found at the Reunion Islands near Madagascar. The news comes as a minor solace to the families of the victims who were often left to mere speculations regarding the fate of the flight.

A flaperon from the aircraft that washed up at the island will be sent to BAE, a French civil aviation investigation agency. The Australians, French and Americans are hesitant to fully confirm the identity of the wreckage though commenting that it is highly likely the wreckage belongs to flight MH370.

Flight MH 370 went missing on March 8th of last year while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The flight was believed to have flown two hours on auto-pilot after disappearing from the radar screens half an hour into its flight. The mystery around its disappearance has perplexed authorities worldwide. With lack of answers from the Malaysian government the investigation has often been marred by angry protests from the family member of the lost ones over the slow proceeding with the investigation. Many Chinese families still hope their family members on board the fateful flight are still alive.

Tony Abbott has vowed to continue the search for more answers “We owe it to the families of the people lost on that plane to try to solve the mystery, we owe it to the travelling public who obviously want to be confident of their safety in the air,”

The found debris will be investigated  for further answers of why the plane crashed which could help pin point the crash site; with a new hope at a possibility of finding the black box which might bring news that might finally bring closure to the many sorrowful families.

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