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Microsoft Allies with Truffle on Blockchain Developer Tools


Today Microsoft announced the partnership with the startup Truffle for Azure Cloud services. Truffle is the world-class development environment, testing framework and asset pipeline for blockchains using the Ether Virtual Machine(EVM).

Marc Mercuri, the program manager at Azure Blockchain Engineering, says, “We really believe in the power of blockchain. This is not some arbitrary thing that we’re going to do because customers are forcing us,”

Tim Coulter, the CEO and founder of Truffle, said, “We wanted to open that up and make access to the blockchain more available to a large swath developers,”. He also added, “What we’re doing with this partnership is extremely exciting, because it opens up all of those developers to Truffle and it opens Truffle up to all of the services that Microsoft provides.”

Microsoft has been working on blockchain technology from a long time and now it has moved ahead with this partnership with Truffle. This is an enterprise service that will help businesses, coders and non-coders to build the enterprise applications on top of the blockchain technology.

Truffle is one of the first projects at the Brooklyn-based Etherum incubator ConsenSys. Truffle seems to have been available to the Microsoft since May 2, 2019. Truffle has been working on dApp development and is famous for its tools which are downloaded by more than around 2.7 million times. Now the partnership with Microsoft will help it to get into the mainstream. Apart from Microsoft Truffle has its alliance with Quorum, Axoni’s AxCore. And now it will have its services open for all the Azure customers like HP, Adobe, International Hotel Groups etc. as well.

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