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Milind Soman received praise on nude photo, FIR lodged against Poonam Pandey, public anger on Twitter


There has been a debate on Twitter about Poonam Pandey and Milind. Recently an FIR was registered against Poonam, the female wing of the Forward Party of Goa. The actress is accused of shooting pornographic videos in Goa. At the same time, Milind on the other hand shared a photo on his 55th birthday, in which he is seen running on Goa Beach completely naked. Now Twitter users are raising questions about both these matters. They say that if Poonam has done wrong then how did Milind Soman become right? With this, users are now supporting Poonam Pandey.

Screen writer Apoorva Asrani tweeted, ‘Recently both Poonam Pandey and Milind Soman took off their clothes in Goa. Poonam took half off and Milind removed the entire clothes. While Poonam got caught in a legal controversy for spreading pornography, Milind is getting praised for having a fit body at the age of 55. I think we are more lenient about men being nude than women.

Shruti Chaturvedi, the founder of Chaipani, tweeted, “Poonam Pandey has been booked for shooting a soft port. At the same time, Milind raced on Goa Beach by being nude and shared a photo on social media, then someone had a problem. Actress Paul Yadav tweeted, ‘Such hypocrisy is truly shocking. Why a man is praised, when a woman does the same thing, she is arrested.

Apart from this, users are tweeting about the thinking of society towards women. One user wrote, ‘For which Milind Soman got the way, an FIR has been registered against Poonam Pandey for doing the same thing. This is why Feminism is important. The other user wrote, ‘Milind will do, but Poonam will not.

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