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Mother Dairy will sell Bread after milk, yogurt, paneer lassi, ice cream


Mother Dairy will sell Bread after milk, yogurt, paneer lassi, ice cream 1

new Delhi. Now after buying milk from Mother Dairy, you will not have to go to any other shop for bread because in addition to milk, curd, ghee, paneer, lassi etc. now Mother Dairy Bread is also started. Going to do After the announcement by Mother Dairy, companies like Britannia, Bone, Harvest etc. will get a tough competition. Let us tell you that the company has launched more than 20 new products in recent times. Bread is also included in this Kadhi. Let us also tell you what the Mother Dairy Bread Price will be and what kind of range have been introduced in the market.

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Highlights of Mother Dairy Bread
Mother Dairy has introduced three types of bread in the market.
– Sandwich, brown and fruit and milk bread included.
– The price of the brand has been kept from 15 to 40 rupees.
– 500 gram pack of sandwich bread will be 30 rupees.
– 700 gram pack will be 40 rupees.
– 400 gram pack of brown bread will cost 30 rupees.
– 150 gram packet of fruit and milk bread will be available for 15 rupees.
– In the early days, sales of bread will be done in 1800 NCR in Delhi NCR and successful stores.
– The company has launched 20 new products in recent times.
– The company will launch 5 types of sweets with bread.

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What is the company’s planning
– Mother Dairy targets to earn Rs 100 crore from bread segment in next three years.
– About 5300 crores of bread market in the country.
– Business growing at an average rate of 10% in the last five years.
– Annual revenue of the company is 10 to 11 thousand crores.
– The company set a target of increasing the revenue to 25 thousand crores in five years.

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These companies will get a tremendous competition
Many companies coming into the bread business of Mother Dairy are likely to get a tough competition. These include Britannia Industries Limited, Modern Food Industries, Bon Nutrients Private Limited, Kitty Industries Private Limited, Harvest Gold Industries and Perfect Bread Group of Companies. According to experts, the common people of the country have great faith in Mother Dairy. In such a situation, if someone goes to get milk, he will take bread even if it is bread, he will not need to go to any other shop.


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