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Mukesh Ambani jumped 3 places, entered the list of top 10 rich


Mukesh Ambani jumped 3 places, entered the list of top 10 rich 1

new Delhi. Taking a long jump, Mukesh Ambani has re-entered the list of the top 10 rich of Forbes. The reason for this is that Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industry shares have steadily increased for three consecutive days. Today, Reliance shares have seen a gain of about 4 per cent. Due to which the shares of the company have increased to Rs 2029. Mukesh Ambani’s wealth has increased by 3.81% in 24 hours. Let us tell you that earlier Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance shares had seen a big drop. Due to which the company’s stock came to Rs 1849.45. Let us also tell you how much Mukesh Ambani’s wealth has become. How is the market cap of Reliance?

Mukesh Ambani reached 8th position
Mukesh Ambani’s property has seen a rise again in the last three days. Because of which he has managed to re-enter the list of Forbes. According to statistics, his wealth has reached $ 77 billion. According to the data, on November 3, there was a big drop in Reliance shares. As a result of which his wealth had declined by 6.80 billion. Due to this, he came in 11th place with $ 71.2 billion. After which there was a recovery in Reliance shares. Since then, his wealth has increased by 6.80 billion. Now they are followed by Larry Ellison and founders Steve Ballmer of Microsoft.

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Today the shares of the company saw a rise
Today, the company’s shares have seen a big boom. On the Bombay Stock Exchange, the shares of the company rose by 3.78 per cent or Rs 73.90 to Rs 2029. Whereas today the company’s stock opened at Rs 1988. 2040 went to the highest level on the day. In the past three days, Reliance shares have seen a gain of Rs 180. While the company market cap has been Rs 13,72,017.43 crore.

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Why was there a rise in the company’s shares today
If you talk about the reason for today’s boom, then Reliance Retail has invested Rs 9500 crore from PIF. This is the largest lump sum investment of any foreign company so far in retail. The effect of which is seen in the shares of Reliance Industries today. According to experts, there may be a big jump in the company’s shares in the coming days.


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