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Mukesh Ambani’s bet on TikTok, know profitable or loss deal


Mukesh Ambani's bet on TikTok, know profitable or loss deal 1

new Delhi. About 59 Chinese apps were shut down in India following a rift between India and China. This also brought danger clouds on TikTok. Millions of Indian users are suffering a lot due to this being banned. Because it was a means of their earning. These days the talk of buying Tick Talk is in full swing. First, it was reported that Microsoft had taken over its American business. At the same time, India’s famous company Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is also considering betting on it. According to sources, Mukesh Ambani (owner of Reliance Industry) wants to buy TikTok’s Indian business owned by Biotens.

According to a news report, TickLock CEO Kevin Mayer contacted Reliance officials. He offered Reliance an investment in the Indian unit of TikTok. The company is discussing about this. However, Reliance has described it as just a rumor. But the experts are very keen about this deal. They are looking at this by adding to the advantages and disadvantages of the future. The Mukesh Ambani-led firm is said to have started talks with the Chinese firm last month to acquire its operations in India. The deal is believed to be worth 5 billion.

According to data from market intelligence firm Sensor Tower, India is the largest market for short video apps. It has over 611 million downloaders. Demonetisation accounts for 90% of Tickcock’s total revenue to China, the US and the UK. However, Reliance and Biotens have denied any information on the deal on Ticketop. According to Sanchit Veer Gogia, CEO of Greyhound Research, in the current circumstances, Bydance’s deal with Reliance Jio could be a viable option to overcome regulatory hurdles in India. According to other experts, this will increase employment opportunities for Indian youth as well. Because through Tick Talk, a lot of young talent was getting a chance to come in front of the world. Along with this, he was earning well. It may be noted that recently Facebook has also recently launched Instagram reels in India. In which Reliance is playing an important role. Since Ticketock has not yet found a strong alternative. In such a situation, it is being considered beneficial for Indians due to the purchase of Reliance Industry.


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