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Mukesh Khanna said on changing the title of Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Lakshmi’ – this will be an example in history


Actor Mukesh Khanna had voiced the change of the title of the film industry’s ‘Akshay Kumar’, ‘Laxmi Bomb’. Now the title of the film has been changed to ‘Lakshmi’. In such a situation, Mukesh Khanna has written the post, sharing the poster of the film. Mukesh Khanna says that this will be an example in history.

Mukesh Khanna writes, “It is a pleasure for me and all the aware countrymen of the country that the title of this film has been changed to Lakshmi only. The bomb has been defused. But more than that, it is a matter of happiness that it will become an example in history. No further producer would dare to dare to insult our Gods and Goddesses like this. “

The voice was raised about the title of the film
Mukesh Khanna wrote in the post, “Adding a bomb in front of Lakshmi seems mischievous. Thinking of commercial interest, should it be allowed? Obviously, no. Can you name the movie Allahu Bam or Badass Jesus Are you? Obviously not. Then how come Lakshmi bombs? “

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He further wrote, “This audacity film people do because they know that there will be noise in it, people will shout and then go silent. But, the film will be promoted at the hands. The film is going to be released. People will break down To see at the first day theater what is in the film? What is the meaning of the title of the film? It has been and will continue to happen. It has to be stopped. And, it can only be done by the public or public. One thing is clear There is no fear or fear of Hindus among these commercial people. They consider them tolerant. They understand soft targets. They know that swords will come out if they mess up with another religion or community. Titles are not created. “

Mukesh Khanna wrote at the end of the post, “Some people are calling it Love Jihad or Islamic Funding. It may or may not happen. But, having spent 40 years in films, I can say with every claim that every The producer wants to see his film a hit. So that brings such maneuvers. Lakshmi Bomb is one of them, Diffuse Do It. “

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