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Mustard procurement at a higher rate than MSP, yet profits to farmers and oil mill owners decrease

Mustard procurement at a higher rate than MSP, yet profits to farmers and oil mill owners decrease

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New Delhi:

Not only petrol and diesel, prices of mustard oil are also touching the sky. Since March, its price has increased by 50 rupees a liter. At the same time, farmers have also received mustard crop for the first time more than the minimum support price of Rs 4650. Due to this, government procurement of mustard in the grain markets has reduced very much. But are farmers and oil mill owners happy?

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Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said in the budget speech that applying agricultural infrastructure cess will not affect the common people. During the speech of the Finance Minister, mustard oil was Rs 120 a liter, which has now increased to Rs 180 a liter. However, for the first time, the price of mustard crop has come much higher than the MSP i.e. around 7000 rupees. But are farmers and mill owners happy with this?

We got 13 acres of mustard farmer Sharif here in Tawadun Grain Mandi of Haryana. The price of mustard may now be Rs 6800, but two months ago in 5100 they have sold their mustard. Sharif said that “We sold for 5100. We would have known that if we had gone for seven thousand prices, we would have stopped it. But we thought that 5100 rupees is a good price, so sold it. ”

About 80 thousand quintal mustard is sold in Tavadun Grain Market, but government procurement is zero. Last year, where mustard was sold for less than MSP at 3300, this time the stockmen bought more than MSP at Rs 5000. This is the reason why a motto like Shahid has a stock of mustard. Shahid said that “This time the government rate was 4650, but from March 15 till now, mustard has not been sold at the government rate, it has sold high. Therefore, there was no government purchase. We have taken it and the mill owners have taken it.

Not only mustard crop, oil prices are also touching the sky. According to the Consumer Ministry itself, mustard oil is Rs 179 a liter, compared to Rs 132 a liter on May 15 last year. Sanjay Gupta, who runs a mustard oil mill, says that there is no benefit to him because of the rise in mustard prices. Sanjay Gupta said that “what is the benefit to us? Earlier, we used to buy oil by buying four thousand rupees quintals and now we have to buy seven thousand rupees quintals.” Our cost has increased further. ”

Experts believe that oil prices are not going to come down in the recent past. Prices of vegetable oil along with mustard oil have also increased due to rising prices of palm oil in the international market and agriculture infra and development cess of the Government of India. Harvir Singh, an expert on agricultural affairs, said that “at the moment the prices are not going to decrease because the government’s cess on imports and now any other oil mixed with mustard oil, you cannot sell it in the name of mustard oil, so the prices are going to decrease at the moment.” Is not.

In view of the rising price of oil, now the government has also sought information about mustard stocks from big oil companies. The same people are taking more profits from the rising prices of mustard oil, who have stored mustard on a large scale by giving a little more money to the farmers as soon as the crop is ready. This is the reason why profits have not been made to the farmers in the mustard oil game as it is being told.

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