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Mutual Fund Investment: You can earn more through these methods


Mutual Fund Investment: You can earn more through these methods 1

Mutual Fund Investment. Mutual fund investment has been very beneficial during the Corona period. Investors have also earned a lot by investing in it. According to experts, such a situation does not happen every time. A big fall in the market can also sink your rupee. In such a situation, a lot of things need to be kept in mind before making Mutual Fund Investment. So that your earnings are more or less loss.

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Select a direct plan
According to experts, investors need to invest in direct plans instead of regular plans of mutual funds. It earns 1 to 1.5 percent more than others. The reason behind this is that investors do not need to give brokerage in direct plan. It depends from one plan to another.

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Find sip option
Investors should avoid investing the entire rupee in mutual funds simultaneously. According to experts, there is a need to make small investments in mutual funds through a systematic investment plan ie ASIP. There is also less risk and higher returns.

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Diversify your investment
Mutual fund investors should diversify their portfolios. This helps in reducing the level of risk. Investors should invest in small-cap, mid-cap and large-cap funds as per their risk appetite. Investors should invest 60 per cent of their funds in small-cap, 20 per cent mid-cap, 10 per cent index fund and 10 per cent in large-cap.

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What to invest in or equity
Experts believe that investors should keep the option of investing in both debt and equity open. As the age increases, the risk-taking ability decreases. In such a situation, investors should reduce their age from 100 before investing in equity. That is, if the age is 30 years, it is better to invest 60% of the portfolio in equity. Equity always gives higher returns than debt but the risk is also high.


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