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Neha Kakkar shared the video and said – I am not happy, know why


Neha Kakkar remains very active on social media, but she is not very active for the last few days. Neha has now shared the video and explained the reason for this and also announced the release of her new song.

Neha said in the video, ‘Many people are asking me that I am not posting much on social media these days. My fans are getting very upset. So let me say that I am not very active on social media because I am not happy because nothing good is happening. Nobody has food to eat, people are dying, some people are going into depression.

Neha said, ‘Bad times are going on. But we can face it either by crying or by laughing. I think we should laugh it off. So you be happy and make others laugh too. Pray for all of you. ‘

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Neha further said, ‘My new song’ Bhigi-Bhigi ‘has been released. At first we thought that it should not be released yet. Not a good environment right now, but then brother and I thought again that music therapy will be very positive for everyone at this time. You will like this song. Give it lots of love and be happy. Yes and eat good food. Leave the diet because there is no confidence in life.

Let me tell you that the song of Neha and her brother Tony Kakkar has been released.

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